Babul Tere Da Dil .. Gurdas Mann .. A Very Emotional Doli ... Bidai Punjabi Song .... Om Puri Video

Babul Tere Da Dil .. Gurdas Mann .. A Very Emotional Doli ... Bidai Punjabi Song .... Om Puri Video Download in HD Mp4, 3Gp, Video Song, Movies, Trailer Free Download
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(LYRICS, TRANSLATION, VIDEO) A desparate feelings of separation of a father and his daughter on marriage day. They are remembering the time they spent together since her childhood.
Gurdas Maan has sung it very passionately and I have tried to create a befitting video compilation to this heart wrenching song.
This video is dedicated to my beloved daughter ANAM.

When she opened her eyes, I saw in her eyes, total recognition, unconditional love and complete trust. By looking at her and feeling the love and tenderness she brought in my life, my stresses and burdens of life were relieved. My mind and heart was full of hopes, thoughts and dreams for her that how she might feel the world when grown up. I remember and recorded her each moment, her first smile, her first word, her first step. She tought me how to play, see and rediscover the life again.
As days and year passed, I was amazed to see her transform into an elegant young lady in her own special way.

The Lyrics with probable Translation are:

Babbul terey da dil, kare dheeye meriye ni ....
(O, My daughter! the heart of your Father wishes...
Doli tenu kade na bithavaan ! ..
not to pay you farewell ever !)

Saada rahey gudiyan patoley ne tu khed di.....
(I wish you continue to play with the Dolls forever,...
Chuk chuk godhi ch khidavan!
and always make you play in my lap !)

Babbul tere da dil, kare dheeye meriye ni..... !

Rab kare hor na tu, vaadhe sukha ladhiye ......
(I pray to God, that blessed-you may not grow up more,
Hovey na jawaan kade bhul ke !
(I wish) you may never become an adult !)

Tere budey baap kolon, toreyaa nahi jana tenu
(Your Old Father cannot bear to your send-off,
Roeya ve nahi jaana methoon khul ke !
and it wouldn't be easy for me to weep loudly !)

Babbul de vehrre vich deeyaan ik phul esaa .......
(The daughters are like a blossomed-flower in Father's House;
Lokaan diyaan jihde te nighavaan !
whome ever body stares at !)

babbul tere da dil, kare dheeye meriye ni !....

totli zubaan vich, galaan gudo teriyaan main
( O My dear doll ! your lisping words,
Bani de shaloka vaangu suna ni !
I have been listening like verses of the Holy book !)

khushiyaan zamaaney diyaan, karaan kurbaan tethoon
( I want to sacrifice upon you; all the Happiness of the World
dukh tere phulaan vangu chunna ni !.....
I want to pluck your sufferings like flowers)

modey naal laa ke tere, Rab jahey mukhrrey nu.......
(Keeping your God-like face on my shoulder,
saari raat loriyaan sunavaan !
I want to sing lullaby all nights)

Babbul tere da dil kare dheeye meriye ni.........

Peraan ch panjeebaan tere, hathaan vich churriyaan
(Anklets on your feet, and bangles on your arms,
Vehrey vich rehn shankondiyaan !
may always remain jingling in my Yard !)

Jivain kise devta di aarti utaarey koi
(Like someone paying reverence to the God
Subha shaam rehen sadha gaundiyaan !
may always remain ringing day and night !)

Sariaan dhiyan de dukh menu lag jaan raaba .........
( O God, bestow me the sorrows of all the daughters,
Ehnaan nu na lagan hawaavaan !
(so that) they should not feel any chill (suffering) !

Babbul tere da dil kare dheeye meriye ni
Duration: 06 Minute, 51 Second
Rating: 4.57 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 8 Years Ago

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