Isle Of The Snake People- 1971 Horror Film Movie To Watch - Voodoo Witch Doctors - Halloween Flick Video

Isle Of The Snake People- 1971 Horror Film Movie To Watch - Voodoo Witch Doctors - Halloween Flick Video Download in HD Mp4, 3Gp, Video Song, Movies, Trailer Free Download
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Isle of the Snake People is a 1973 horror film directed by Juan Ibanez and stars Boris Karloff and Julissa featuring the theme of the cult of voodoo.

Isle of the Snake People- 1971 Horror Film Movie to Watch - Voodoo Witch Doctors - Halloween Flick

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I stumbled across Isle of the Snake People quite by accident near Halloween while looking online for public domain movies to broadcast online. Despite this film clearly being a picture of it's time not to mention a B-movie at that, this film certainly has some interesting elements to talk about.

Directed by Juan Ibanez, the film was originally produced by Ibanez for Azteca Films. It was originally released as La muerte viviente in the United States as a Spanish language film. Thereafter, it was later released for Television and dubbed in English. Elsewhere around the globe, the picture has been called 'Cult of the Dead' in Hungary and Snake People in the UK.

The film was one of four low-budget Mexican horror films that Karloff produced as part of a package deal with the Mexican Producer, Luis Vergara. Other titles in this series were 'The Incredible Invasion', 'The Fear Chamber' and 'House of Evil'. The scenes within all four of these movies were directed by Jack Hill in Los Angeles in the Spring of 1968.
The remainder of the production was carried out in Mexico. Sadly, all four films were released after Karloff's death.

Captain Labesch (Rafael Bertrand) arrives at a remote island, determined to crack down on the island's lawlessness, spurred by the voodoo rites practiced by the evil priest Damballah (Boris Karloff). Labesch starts with local tycoon Carl Van Molder and is study of the island. Van Molder warns not to interfere with the local population. Annabella (Julissa), Van Molder's niece, is a temperance crusader who is visiting and wants her uncle to help fund the International Anti-Saloon League.

She falls in love with handsome police Lieutenant, Andrew Wilhelm (Carlos East), despite his fondness for rum.

Meanwhile, beautiful naïve girls are being transformed into zombies, and a sinister snake dancer named Kalea (Yolanda Montes) leads them to attack and devour any meddling policemen who get too close to their unholy rituals. When Annabella is kidnapped and prepared to be the cult's latest human sacrifice, Labesch and Wilhelm have to infiltrate their ranks to save her, and they finally learn the secret identity of the all powerful Damballah.


Boris Karloff -- Carl van Molder / Damballah
Julissa - Anabella Vandenberg
Carlos East -- Lt. Andrew Wilhelm (as Charles East)
Rafael Bertrand -- Capt. Pierre Labesch (as Ralph Bertrand)
Yolanda Montes -- Kalea (as Tongolele)
Quintín Bulnes -- Klinsor (as Quintin Bulnes)
Santanón -- Dwarf (as Santanon)
Julia Marichal -- Mary Ann Vandenberg (as July Marichael)
Quintin Miller -- Gomez (uncredited)


Directed By -- Juan Ibanez and Jack Hill
Produced By -- Juan Ibanez, Luis Enrique Vergara
Written By -- Jack Hill
Cinematography -- Raul Dominguez and Austin McKinnery (Director of Photography)
Art Direction By -- Ray Markham
Costume and Wardrobe Department -- Richard Bruno as Wardrobe
Make-Up Department -- Louis Lane (Make-Up Artist), Jean Udko (Hair Stylist for Julissa)
Editing By -- J. Gamma (Assistant Film Editor) and Lily Lupers (Negative Cutter)
Original Music By -- Alice Uretta
Music -- Enrico C. Cabiati (Musical Director)
Production Management -- J.L. Cerad (Production Manager), Richard Compton (Production Supervisor (as Dick Compton)
Second Unit Director -- Jose Luis G. de Leon (Assistant Director as Louis G. Leon)
Henry von Seyfried -- Assistant Director
Sound Department -- Heinrich Henkel
Special Effects By -- Ross Hahn
Camera and Electrical Department -- Mindaugus Bagdon (Assistant Camera), Ciro (Still Photographer), Frank Ruttencutter (Camera Operator), Jim Enochs (Key Grip) and Larry Lapointe (Grip).

Other Crew:

John Buono (Script Clerk)
Richard H. Dunlai (Production Coordinator)
Rauol G.M. (Actor's Agent)
Mike Garzon (Prompter)
Jerry Petty (Stand In: Boris Karloff)
Stim Segar (Dialogue Director)

Music & video content is in the public domain as this work doesn't include a copyright notice and being released in the US in 1973 makes this work fall under the 1909 copyright act. It has not been registered since or renewed according to the catalogue of copyright entries. I certify that I have full rights therefore to publish this content.

Juan Ibanez's 1971 classic voodoo adventure film, Island of the Snake People featuring Boris Karloff, Mexican actress, Julissa, Carlos East and Rafael Bertrand. Released currently into the Public Domain.

Film has fallen in the public domain
Duration: 1 Hour, 30 Minute, 47 Second
Rating: 3.69 - Good
Definition: SD
Published: 6 Years Ago

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